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Bethan Wojtech explains which Arcona serums work best for different skin types and concerns.

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Length: 2:52
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<p>I know there are a lot of different serums in your lines of products, and can you tell me a little bit about which are what's the difference between them and what's special &nbsp;about each of them? &nbsp;</p> <p>We have a lot of serums and people get confused by these. &nbsp;Assume the most popular for daytime are the Youth Serum which is our 20% Vitamin C and our Booster Defense Serum. &nbsp;Both have really potent antioxidants in them. &nbsp;To the Youth Serum I really give a lot of people that started to see fine lines and wrinkles who have pigmentation, who live in very polluted areas, whoa re in the sun a lot. &nbsp;</p> <p>The Booster Defense Serum I like to give to people who maybe have thinning skin or very very sensitive skin or depleted skin or maybe to people who like to go really strong on their exfoliation and they need to get back.</p> <p>We have the night time products that are really beneficial, we actually have four of them. &nbsp;The Vitamin A Complex is a really strong re-generator, you are really going to see plumping of collagen. &nbsp;So it's going to help to a lot of elasticity, help with pigmentation, it's going to help with break-outs, its going to have a really tightening effect to the skin. &nbsp;</p> <p>The High Enzyme Gel is amazing for somebody that's really really sensitive. &nbsp;We give that to people that have noticeable and really visible capillaries and lots of redness and very very thin skin. &nbsp;So we're really just focusing on healing and&nbsp;repairing damaged skin, whether&nbsp;&nbsp;that's from extreme sunburn or chemical peels or going really aggressively with exfoliating products.</p> <p>The third one that we have is the Night Breeze, and that's our oxygenating serum. &nbsp;I love this for summertime, I love this for skin that breaks out a little bit, or for skin that's really inflamed that has redness because oxygen is a great healer, it's a great anit-inflammatory so the skin looks so clear when you wake up.</p> <p>The fourth rotator is the Night Worker, it's a very very popular product for somebody with dry skin. &nbsp;It has a ton of Vitamin C in it, so may actually feel a tingle on your skin when you first use it, &nbsp;but it has DHDA which access a youthful hormone to really hydrate the skin and promote more hydration. &nbsp;So for somebody who has really really dry skin who starts to see a more supple, hydrated,&nbsp;dewy,&nbsp;&nbsp;skin. &nbsp;It's a really popular product for clients going into winter. &nbsp;</p> <p>We have two new kits that are new to . &nbsp;These have three of our advanced serums, in each of them, so they are a little bit different kits. &nbsp;The Regenerate Impurity kit has our Youth Serum, so 20% Vitamin C, our Night Breeze with Oxygen and our Vitamin A Complex the deep re-generator for loss of elasticity, oily or acne-ed skin. &nbsp;The Nourish Repair has the Night Worker, the Enzyme Gel, Booster Defense, this is amazing for somebody with more delicate, dry to depleted skin. &nbsp;</p>
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