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Sarah Lucero from stila gives make up tips for specials events, busy moms, and a beautiful summer.

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<p>I'm Sarah Lucero and I'm with Stila and we are here Los Angeles at the Stila Studio at our Headquarters here, and we're going to give you some tips on summer make-up. &nbsp;How to make it stay on long and also how to apply it easily. &nbsp;We're going to start off with the bronzing tinted moisturizer and what I love is &nbsp;the bronzing tinted moisturizer has a sunscreen, a built in color and also a little bit of bronzer in there. &nbsp;Summertime it's all about lifestyle, letting your skin breathe through, whether you're a busy mom, whether you are at the pool, you still want to look good but you don't want to feel like you have a lot on. &nbsp;So the ease of the bronzing moisturizer will really allow any woman in any skin tone any skin type to have a beautiful glowing complexion. &nbsp;This is a great alternative to using a self toner on your face because you could wash it off. &nbsp;Try this and I think you'll be really happy. &nbsp;Look how great it looks on Lindsey. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>So one of my favorite products in Stila is the smudge pots and we have launched one called Kitten. &nbsp;A lot of women are looking for primer eyeshadows that keep their make up on longer. &nbsp;You take this as a corrective base and it completely evens out dark eyelids, if you have any redness peeping through, if you've been up all night with your kids. &nbsp;My next favorite product for summer, everybody needs this, is called smudge stick waterproof eye pencils. &nbsp;We have eight shades, and you literally follow your top lash line, There's no tugging, there's no pulling. &nbsp;Say you are at the pool with your kids and you want to look a little put together, you're a busy mom, busy lifestyle, it's not going to be all over your face. &nbsp;This is also such a great product for weddings. &nbsp;You don't &nbsp;want your make up to smear off. &nbsp;You're spending all your time getting ready, you can feel really confident, your photos looking good and feeling good.</p> <p>Another one of my favorite products from Stila is our baked eyeshadow trios. &nbsp;You have a base, a liner &nbsp;and a lid color all at your fingertip. &nbsp;Take a little bit of this champagne shade right through here. &nbsp;Look at that chain. &nbsp;It allows you to create that smoldering, sultry, smudgy smoky eye without using heavy black and it looks gorgeous in photos especially for weddings. &nbsp;</p> <p>The next thing that I love to just women and kind of beat the heat is look for a gel, cheek and lip stain, so Stila has all of our crushes, we have cherry crush, yumberry crush, and the newest one for summer is called the rasberry. &nbsp;Another tip a lot of women I know tend to battle with dark circles under their eyes. &nbsp;Apply a peachy pink blush, and do it a little bit higher up in the apple, that's going to really counteract and take awake that blueness under the eye. &nbsp;You can also take the same color, the raspberry crush and apply it to the lips, keep your cheek and your lip in the same color family and by using a gel tinted lip and cheek stain like the crushes from Stila, it's going to really encourage that harmonious, beautiful make up. &nbsp;Now we have a great lip glaze called the Kitten and it's the perfect color to wear alone and if you really want that really beautiful new lip with that little sheen, or if you want to do it over a color ;like we did here with the raspberry crush. &nbsp;This will really protect your lips, and give you that healthy, kissable pout. &nbsp;</p> <p>For me, summer's all about having fun, and using something that's a little bit more colorful, and these colors really reflect I think trend, the clothing and also they just make you feel better and look better.</p> <p>When your make up looks good, you always look good.</p>
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