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Length: 3:01
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<p>Powered by nature. Proven by science. Origins.</p> <p>Hi, I'm Jane Lauder. I'd love to introduce you to the world of Origins.&nbsp;</p> <p>Daniel Yarosh: Plant actives have many advantages. We know that plants are better chemists than even all the bottles that we have behind us.</p> <p>Dr. Lieve Declercq: 80% of the world relies on plants for their medical treatments. We know that that's a lot &amp; that really illustrates the power of nature.</p> <p>Lizz Starr: Rhodiola comes to mind as one of our most powerful plant actives. It has incredible firming &amp; lifting benefits.</p> <p>DY: Plants have a history of use. These are in essence the clinical trials of botanicals. It is how we know which works &amp; what doses &amp; what to expect when we use them.&nbsp;</p> <p>At Origins, we searched all over the world for botanicals that have the effects that we are looking for on skin.</p> <p>Chia Chen: During my travels, I talk to the local Shamans or the herbal doctors. They try to marry the traditional knowledge from the different countries &amp; then turn them into what we call useful ingredients for us.</p> <p>Dr. Andrew Weil: The ingredients in the Mega-Mushroom products were selected for powerful effects. We started with Asian mushrooms that have been used in the traditional medicines of China &amp; Japan.</p> <p>LS: We've scientifically validated the fact that these are powerful plant actives to quiet &amp; calm facial redness.</p> <p>JL: We use only &nbsp;the purest &amp; most natural forms of all our active plant ingredients.&nbsp;</p> <p>Our products are manufactured using a combination of renewable resources, wind energy &amp; earth-friendly practices. It is as if we plant it over a million trees.&nbsp;</p> <p>JL: Hard performance natural skin care.</p> <p>LS: Clinical result.</p> <p>Dr. Lieve: Powerful.</p> <p>DY: Cutting edge.</p> <p>LS: Environmental.</p> <p>Natural ingredients really are the future.</p> <p>Origins.&nbsp;</p> <p>Powered by nature. Proven by science.&nbsp;</p>
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