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Arcona tips for skincare treatments and masks that you can do at home.

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Length: 3:32
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<p>Hi I'm Bethany Wojtech. &nbsp;I am here at the Arcona Studio in Los Angeles and I'm gonna show you a few things you can do that are just kinda immediate glows to the skin. &nbsp;So I'm gonna start with the Arcona Triad Pads, and this is my model Beven, so I'm going to use one of these pads all over her face. I'm just gonna go along her skin and you can see how this really does take off make-up. &nbsp;If you're a busy mom or if you are travelling and you just need something on the go, it has cranberry extracts in it and antibacterial but it's gonna slightly leave the skin hydrated. &nbsp;So it's kind of an all in one. &nbsp;The Arcona Raspberry Resurfacing Peel. &nbsp;Now you can see there's a lot of fruit enzymes in here. &nbsp;This is what's really giving your skin the boost. &nbsp;Kind of a glow. &nbsp;Maybe it's a wedding day or a reunion, and you don't have the perfect skin regime right now, because you're just so busy, this is something that gives instant glow to the skin. &nbsp;This is also good for somebody with acne. &nbsp;Because it's really gonna help to resurface the skin, flatten the different breakouts on the skin,and really create healthy new skin. It'll tingle lightly on the skin, and you just leave it on for about five to ten minute. &nbsp;If you know, when you're watching the television or maybe have a girlfriend over, and just do this together. &nbsp;It's something where you really get such an instant result. &nbsp;But you can make it simple. You can just gently take it off the whole face. &nbsp;You can really see the glow. &nbsp; &nbsp;You can already see it, how it's really shining across the forehead, how it's really resurfaced the skin. &nbsp;So now, just to kind of remineralize the skin kind of make it a full at home treatment, I'm gonna apply a mask. &nbsp;Either the Arcona Tee Tree Mask, or the Arcona Wine Hydrating mask. &nbsp;So you could actually use both of these by the Tee Tree mask just in the T-zone where people tend to get more oilier congested and right on the jaw line, and then use the Wine Hydrating Mask everywhere else. &nbsp;The Wine Hydrating Mask is very, very nourishing. &nbsp;It's great for somebody who maybe flies a lot because it just revitalizes the skin. &nbsp;We always want to or we really stress this in Arcona is that the neck and chest are the extension of the face so you really want to focus in these areas as well. &nbsp;So now I'm going to take the Tee Tree Mask and I'm just gonna apply it to her jawline. &nbsp;Now the Tee Tree Mask, this one is great for clients that are a little bit more acne prone, prone to blackheads. &nbsp;This helps revitalizes the skin. &nbsp;It kills bacteria with Tee Tree. &nbsp;But then it does have Sulfur in it which helps to dry up impurities. &nbsp;We're gonna let this sit from about 10 to 20 minutes. &nbsp;To complete this easy at home &nbsp;facial treatment, we're gonna finish it with a hydrator. &nbsp;We offer many different here as well as hydration. &nbsp;The Magic White Eyes is a very light serum. &nbsp;I really recommend this for people who have more combination skin, prone to getting oil production. &nbsp;There's a lot of cranberry extract in this, a lot of aloe, there's a lot of antioxidants, white tea as well, but the Totara actually kills acne bacteria. But it's something very light that it's great for summer or for something that just has a more combination skin, that you really want to balance that skin type. &nbsp;Now the Peptide Hydrating Complex just in the name you know, it has Peptides in it. &nbsp;Peptides are incredibly plumping to the skin, so this is something definitely a richer formula, that is gonna help to plump different lines and impurities on the skin. &nbsp;We just finished Arcona's at home facial treatment, it took us about 20-25 minutes. &nbsp;This is something that you can do that makes your skin look amazing. &nbsp;It just gives the skin a big boost and it really polishes and cleanses. &nbsp;Make sure there's no impurities on the skin. &nbsp;It really helps plump fine lines and wrinkles. &nbsp;She's ready to go out and ready to put make-up on. &nbsp;So this is something that you can do before a big event. &nbsp;</p>
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