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Arcona skincare - products to prepare the skin for your wedding, a special event, or just to give the skin a little glow.

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Length: 3:39
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<p>Hi, my name is Bethany. &nbsp;I am here at Arcona Studio in Los Angeles. &nbsp;The foundation of Arcona is the basic five system. &nbsp;There's 6 different skin types and they come in these little kits or you can buy them in full sizes. &nbsp;Our basic 5 travel kit. &nbsp; This is a really a great gift. &nbsp;For somebody who just got engaged and is now thinking "Oh my gosh I gotta get in shape and get my skin ready". &nbsp;This is something easy that they can start doing even though they are going to be crazy busy planning their wedding. &nbsp;I'm going to show you just the normal skin type right now. &nbsp;Just kind of how to use it. &nbsp;You get 5 products but you're really only doing 2 products at night and 3 you're doing products in the morning. &nbsp;This is one of our bestsellers, this is our toner T bar, &nbsp;it looks like a bar of soap but there's no soap in it. &nbsp;It actually suds with yaka. &nbsp;You see how sudsy this gets? &nbsp;And this bar will actually remove make-up, it'll the tone skin and it cleanses the skin. &nbsp;After cleansing the skin, you only have one more step to do. &nbsp;All you have to do is this regenerating complex. &nbsp;This one's the gentle. &nbsp;This one's more for like the dry depleted skin. &nbsp;We really believe that night time is when you want to use your more active products. &nbsp;Use your Alpha&nbsp;hydroxys. &nbsp;This is going to really help with&nbsp;lots of elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, impurities on the skin. &nbsp;After using this at night, you're gonna wake up with a top dead layer of skin on the face, so we're going to use a basically cleansing scrub, and this is going to remove anything that's ready to come off. &nbsp;This is going to cleanse and exfoliate the skin and &nbsp;I'm going to demonstrate this golden green grammage on Alice's skin. &nbsp;So this is how much I'm using, you can see it's a good heaping teaspoon. &nbsp;We usually say great wallnut size. &nbsp;If you are in the shower your skin will already be a little damp as well and that's perfect because this will glide even more. &nbsp;We are just poaching away dead skin, so that we can allow our hydrator to get into the skin. &nbsp;This other option as well is our cranberry grammage. &nbsp;So you're gonna use that same amount. &nbsp;It leaves the skin feeling very tight and clean. &nbsp;So if somebody is more acne prone, this one's gonna be amazing. &nbsp;So the next step is hydration, so we're going to polish away any impurities, no dead skin cells on her face, and so this hydrator's going to be really going to be able to seep into the skin and really hydrate. &nbsp;So in our normal skin kit we have our magic white eyes. &nbsp;I just put two pumps on my hand. &nbsp;It's great for just balancing the skin. &nbsp; This is something you can't see. &nbsp;It's nice and light. &nbsp;If you just exfoliate it, imagine how that seeps right into the skin, and plumps the skin cells. &nbsp;Now the next step and last step in the basic 5 in the morning is the Dessert Mist. &nbsp; It almost looks like it's a toner product but you feel it in your hands there's a little bit of richness to it, and it's from Mucin which is an essential fatty acid from a plant. &nbsp;So just put one pump in my hand and I'm just gonna blend this on my fingertips, and this is key, you just want to blend it, it is not clogging to the skin but it's very tightening to the pores. &nbsp;It's just gonna protect the skin from you know, all the environmental elements that are causing attack throughout the day. &nbsp;I can put it really close to the eye area, &nbsp;I can put it over the lips, I can put it all the way down to the neck and chest. &nbsp;And it really does create that Arcona glow. &nbsp;And let it sit and dry for about two to three minutes. &nbsp;After it dries you can basically dust powder on. &nbsp;Like we have our Sensations Mineral Powder, that's a perfect thing to go on add sunscreen and to even the tone of the skin. &nbsp;You can add one pump of the Magic White eyes or whatever hydrator you're using for your skin type, and the Dessert Mist to your hand and apply them together. &nbsp;So if you just have no time, you can easily do this together. &nbsp;</p>
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