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Length: 6:34
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<p>Hi everybody, my name is Maurine Kelly, I'm the creator and founder of tarte cosmetics. &nbsp;I'm here to talk to you today about our MultiplEYE step system. &nbsp;I'm so excited about this, we have our natural lash enhancer that helps your lashes volume, helps promote length and growth, and our natural lash enhancing primer, and natural lash enhancing mascara, you can see it's 1-2-3 step system.</p> <p>I'm going to first start by telling you about the natural lash enhancer. &nbsp;What you want to do is you can get really close you can see. &nbsp;And you can see here's my lashes beforehand we're going to show you a picture of them beforehand and a picture of them after. &nbsp;You just want to walk this right across the lash line like you would liner. &nbsp;And what's happening here is we have our HydroPlant peptide which is a peptide that's a combination of natural soy and amino acids that are combining essentially like fortify your root and make it healthy, and help enhance the appearance of your lashes. &nbsp;So it's amazing, I have to say we did a consumer panel survey with this what a difference we saw and the results were incredible. &nbsp;Actually, a hundred percent of the subjects saw an increase in lash length, and lash health, and 90% of the subject saw an increase in lash thickness just from using Multiply Natural Lash Enhancer . &nbsp;I have to tell you personally I've used this, and it makes an unbelievable difference. &nbsp;You want to make sure you put in on clean dry skin. &nbsp;So I actually like to put it on at night before I go to bed. &nbsp;Really easy, I put it on, and then just hop in bed. &nbsp;Because you want to let it dry, before you put eyeliner, or mascara, or anything like that on, so definitely put it on before you go to sleep. &nbsp;Think of it as kind of an extension to your skin care routine. &nbsp;The other thing is, I've had some of you guys have used it for a week and said "I don't see results yet" or "What's going on" in two weeks. &nbsp;It takes I would say 5 weeks. &nbsp;I want to say some people can see results in 4 weeks, but you really want to wait at least 5 to 6 weeks before you start to see results. You will see results, just be patient, and my tip is, put it away by your toothpaste at night so when you're brushing your teeth you just see it and you grab it, because it's about consistency, it's about using it at night over night for 5 to 6 weeks.</p> <p>When I first started using this I thought there's no way something like this is going to increase my lash length. &nbsp;When I really started to notice was about week 5 and I was putting my mascara on I was like: "Oh my gosh my lashes are amazing!" and I'm already starting to get some incredible compliments on them. &nbsp;</p> <p>So because of the popularity of the natural lash enhancer which we actually came out with a lash primer. &nbsp;So for those of you guys that want the immediate results, so you know who you are out there, you want to use the lash primer. &nbsp;So you just want to brush it on your lashes and again it has our natural HydroPlant Peptide on it, so it's going to help fortify and strengthen and you know help your root to you know, be really healthy. &nbsp;And again the natural&nbsp;HydroPlant Peptide has soy and amino acids that are combining together to really fortify the root of your lash and I'm telling you, it makes an incredible difference. &nbsp;Actually, this alone, without the mascara that I'm going to show you in a second, gives you a 739% increase in the volume of your lashes. &nbsp;No I didn't say that wrong: 739% increase, I'm not kidding, it's unbelievable. &nbsp;And as you Lee gets really close there, you can see my 11, yes it's starting to look really bad. &nbsp;</p> <p>So next I'm going to show you the multiplEYE the 3rd step. &nbsp;We did the first step was the lash enhancer, we did the second step which was the primer, and we're doing the third step now, and with all these three steps, my gosh your lashes. &nbsp;You're going to be able to like fan somebody from across the room. &nbsp;</p> <p>It's an incredible, incredible difference, and again you know with any mascara you want to put it with the base and you want to wiggle the base to the root and just look ready when I'm getting if I could like move the mirror out in front of the camera (yes I'm a bit of a spaz). &nbsp;It just makes your eyes look so much more open, and you're getting natural looking lashes. &nbsp;You're looking feathery and beautiful. &nbsp;Not long and kind of spidery. &nbsp;You know I've seen some people use products that seemingly work and give length but just look just really gross and unnatural. &nbsp;Look at that already. &nbsp;Look at the difference between the two. &nbsp;I mean remember the primer's giving you that incredible increase in lash length. &nbsp;With the mascara, it's like 1102% increase with both of them combined, the volume of your lashes it's incredible. &nbsp;</p> <p>What I didn't mention earlier, about the natural lash enhancer is that it does not have the prostaglandin and derivatives that's kind of the scary ingredient that you guys have been reading in articles and seeing on the news that could change the color of your iris. &nbsp;Again, all tarte products formulate really naturally with perbins, no prostaglandin and derivatives. &nbsp;Ours is a peptide that's actually making this work and it's doing it naturally. &nbsp;And you can see the difference this makes on my eyelashes, I think they look really voluminous and you know, kind of long and flattery and not spidery or sucked together so, it's incredible. &nbsp;Again, those of you that want the instant results, you want to use the primer and the mascara, but if you want the long term results too, let's face it, what I love about the long term results is that it makes your lashes longer, for someone like me who has fair lashes, it actually darkened my lashes as well. I'm not saying it's going to do it for everybody but it definitely made my lashes darker. &nbsp;And so when I wake up in the morning, I don't look like you know, "Night of the living dead" or a zombie you know with these really pale lashes and you're feeling like you need to put mascara on immediately. &nbsp;</p> <p>So you're going to love you multipEYE 3 step system. &nbsp;I guarantee you guys you got to try it. &nbsp;And again, definitely be patient with multiplEYE, put it next to your toothbrush and toothpaste so when you brush your teeth at night, you wash your face you just put that on the one step and then you hop in bed. &nbsp;It's not going to look conky or white or cakey or anything gross like that. &nbsp;It's just going to be completely clear and it's going to work, I'm telling you, it's absolutely incredible but be patient.</p> <p>Thanks guys, take care!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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