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on February 18, 2009 8:50 am

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Length: 4
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Vena Cava's Fall 2009 Presentation showed what the acclaimed designers are known for best - wearable lean and fluid styles - this season with unexpected detail.  Metallic hardware, cutouts, fringe, and shimmer added texture and dimension.  There were new takes on classics, and feminine looks that were far from girlie.

Darphin Skincare was used to prep the skin.  Then Vincent Longo lined upper lids in orange to contrast with the designers' rich, dark palette of forest green, black, and grey.  A nude lip paired with the bold eye and matte face.

Ted Gibson created the cool girl's take on second day hair - balancing wet and dry, slick and full, done and undone, up and down.

butter LONDON's Nonie Crème added the final beautiful touch with a matte shade of British Racing Green lacquer (available in fall 2009) on the nails.



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