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Turn the 14 eyeshadow shades into 28 with Smashbox Double Exposure Palette. Use the shadows wet for a vibrant look or dry for a subtle eye look. ...
Length: 1:37

Achieve a dramatic look by using the Smashbox Double Exposure shadows wet. Choose to use your shadows dry or wet for a versatile look to the eyes.
Length: 2:31

Smashbox Double Exposure offers 14 shades in the palette that transform into 28 shades. Option of using the shades dry or wet. Add vibrancy to the shade when using it wet.
Length: 2:28

Smashbox Primer Water is a supercharged energy drink for the face. It hydrates and give a sheer radiance to the skin.
Length: 1:41

Smashbox shows how to create an Apocalypse makeup look using the Santigolden Collection...
Length: 2:25

Makeup look using the Santigolden Collection by Smashbox. Use the shadows in a dry formula for a more natural look and wet shadows for a more dramatic look.
Length: 2:27

Smashbox creates 3 different lip looks by using the new Be Legendary lip glosses. ...
Length: 4:38

Introducing Smashbox's summer 2014 the Santigolden Age Collection.
Length: 2:30

Sets of matte and shimmer eyeshadow shades to enhance eye shape. ...
Length: 3:38

Now BB cream for the eyes. Fade dark circles instantly and over time. Hydrate, protect, prime, conceal and illuminate your eyes. ...
Length: 0:25

Just as the body shape is important when choosing clothes, same goes with the eye! But whether you are monolid, upturned, downturned, hooded, round or almond – Smashbox Full Expo... See more
Length: 2:32

Lori Taylor said, "Think of this as Instagram filter for your skin." This foundation is long-wearing, moisturizes, works with all undertones and has buildable sheer-to-medium coverage.
Length: 2:36

Finding the perfect eyeliner is like finding a man. You want it to stay around and be on point! Smashbox waterproof kohl liner glides on and self-sharpens every time you take the cap o... See more
Length: 3:39

Global Pro Lead Artist Lori Taylor gives a quick makeup tutorial on how to get the warm summer look using Smashbox Heatwave Collection 2013.
Length: 2:41

8 easy, simple steps to get the always on trend smoky eye look! Makeup tutorial by Global Pro Lead Artist Lori Taylor from Smashbox. ...
Length: 2:48

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