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Smashbox shows how to create an Apocalypse makeup look using the Santigolden Collection...
Length: 2:25

Makeup look using the Santigolden Collection by Smashbox. Use the shadows in a dry formula for a more natural look and wet shadows for a more dramatic look.
Length: 2:27

Introducing Smashbox's summer 2014 the Santigolden Age Collection.
Length: 2:30

Now BB cream for the eyes. Fade dark circles instantly and over time. Hydrate, protect, prime, conceal and illuminate your eyes. ...
Length: 0:25

Just as the body shape is important when choosing clothes, same goes with the eye! But whether you are monolid, upturned, downturned, hooded, round or almond – Smashbox Full Expo... See more
Length: 2:32

Finding the perfect eyeliner is like finding a man. You want it to stay around and be on point! Smashbox waterproof kohl liner glides on and self-sharpens every time you take the cap o... See more
Length: 3:39

Global Pro Lead Artist Lori Taylor gives a quick makeup tutorial on how to get the warm summer look using Smashbox Heatwave Collection 2013.
Length: 2:41

8 easy, simple steps to get the always on trend smoky eye look! Makeup tutorial by Global Pro Lead Artist Lori Taylor from Smashbox. ...
Length: 2:48